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CRYPTO +115% for 24 hours

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min: 5
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Shortly about us

We offer you a unique opportunity to join a promising company and start earning with "Blitz-Script"! With us is profitable, because:

  • The cryptocurrency profitable and constantly evolving;
  • The company is officially registered and given a certificate of registration;
  • We use the equipment that best meets our needs;
  • Our team consists by professional traders.

For more detailed information about the company can be viewed by clicking on the link .

Three years

More than three years, the company is engaged in investing in cryptocurrencies.

One thousand

More than a thousand people around the world have become our partners!


Our goal is to become one of the TOP companies, involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.



The mining process is in deciphering the particular numerical values


Trading means trade. We sell extracted by mining cryptocurrency on exchanges.

Software development

The process of software development for mining-farms and different trading software.

The development of "iron"

Production farms for mining is one of the key areas of activity of our company.

Referral program


5% 3% 1%


We approach our work with full responsibility. The following statistics shows, that people trust us.

Project participants

3 man

The project works

794 day

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1 people

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